“I love racing with my friends and my cousin. We always win.” Jordan B

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3rd: Tune in to Coach Leo’s every other Wednesday afternoon 5:00pm est to 6:30pm est or Saturday morning 9:00am to 10:00am group via Zoom and participate in the group discussion and crossfit bootcamp .

4th: Complete all consents and fax, email, or mail them back to us (can be found on webpage).

5th: Attend at least two cross-fit bootcamps before your race!

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Feb 24-25, 2018

Amelia Earhart Park

401 E 65th St

Hialeah, FL 33013

Amelia Earhart Park is a 515-acre urban park in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, just north of Hialeah, Florida. This park is usually home to mountain bikers, paddle boarders, soccer players, wake boarders and more... but on the last weekend in April it will be overrun with Spartan racers. Miles and miles of bike trails and lakes will make for a challenging course you won’t want to miss.

APR 07-08, 2018



Spartan Race is pleased to return to Porter Farms, a 600-acre family owned and operated establishment in the peaceful town of Concord, North Carolina. The 3+ mile course will be spread out over 100 acres of land that typically plays home to peaceful pastures on a sprawling farm, but on this weekend it will transform into an outlet for the passionate Spartan community.

AUG 04-05, 2018



DON’T MISS THIS “MUST RACE” EVENT. This U.S. Championship Series Race is one of our premier race events of the entire year.

It’s time to truly put yourself and your training to the ultimate test. The U.S. Championship Series is here.

There are two HUGE reasons to race Asheville:

First, it’s an awesome challenge. As part of the U.S. Championship Series, the Asheville course has been designed to test our elite Spartans. Over the past two years, the course has earned its place alongside Killington and Wintergreen as Spartan’s most brutal courses. Trust us… Asheville will test your physical and mental limits.

Second, it’s a stunningly beautiful course. You’ll chase glory in the shadow of a massive quarry, and earn your rewards of beautiful vistas overlooking stunning spruce-fir forests.

You’ll enjoy soft grass and cool forest, but you’ll also face lots of granite, grit, dirt and mud. At Asheville, you will EARN your finisher’s medal. You’ll face rocky, steep slopes and obstacles designed to test the elites.

This event was designed to challenge the elites for the U.S. Championship Series and will be televised on NBC Sports. The series leads to our ultimate obstacle race of the entire year – the World Championship at Lake Tahoe.

Don’t race alone. Invite your friends and family to cheer you on – and enjoy the area together. This is a fun area for spectators and racers alike. You can visit the famous Blue Ridge Mountains (home of amazing sunsets), go zip-lining, take a balloon ride, explore caves, check out the outstanding local dining, or grab a beer at one of Asheville’s many microbreweries.

APR 14, 2018



Race with the world’s best soldiers this April. Join Spartan at the site of the 2017 Best Ranger competition for the 3rd Spartan race, built with the help of the Ranger Battalion.

Dominate more than 20 military inspired, measurable obstacles over this 3+ mile Sprint course.

Active or retired member of the Armed Forces? Sign up now and save 25% with your Gov X discount.

JULY 07-08 


Arizona Spartan Sprint


Varsity Spartan | Ages 7-13

Start Times: Saturday - 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm

 Pre-registered: $30

Day of Registration: $40

Each child will receive a T-shirt and Finisher's Medal.

Junior Varsity Spartan | Ages 4-6

Start Times: Saturday - 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm


Pre-registered: $25

Day of Registration: $35

Each child will receive a T-shirt and Finisher's Medal.


Each family will receive two free spectator passes at registration (so you don’t need to include these in your purchase).



Physical fitness + Mental Health = Best Version of You

Hello parents, supporters, and neighbors. The goal of 2018 is to take a new and out of the box approach to reaching our young people by way of physical fitness and competition. Within this letter are dates, times, locations, and reasons why your mini me should join Mr. Leo also known as Doc Bee when he travels the country competing in obstacle course racing. As a matter of fact, let’s quote him directly!

“Years of serving as a school counselor, football and softball coach, as well as Dean of Students taught me that to reach pre-teens and teenagers you have to get dirty with them. You have to spend and invest quality time beside them. Talking doesn’t work at those ages. What works is you leading by example and accepting the challenge of being their real life super hero. Traveling and competing besides these young people is an awesome and life changing experience not only for me, but also for the spectators witnessing them race, compete, and work together as a team.”

2017 was the year of introducing the world to our movement to bring mental health awareness. This year is our year to demonstrate how being mentally aware and changing your mindset can and will change your outside. You don’t have to have a diagnosis to be mentally unhealthy just like you don’t have to be unemployed to be financially broke. Join a movement bigger than yourself!


In February 2018 Mr. Leo Bryant will have published his first of many books sharing his experience racing around the world while battling his own mental health challenges and emotional battles. Within this book his real life story of heart-break, triumph, and helping people is explored and shared. The goal of this book teaches readers how to mentally prepare for obstacle course racing while also providing an example as to how physical fitness can help you overcome mental and emotional challenges brought on by day to day life challenges. If you like a good story of defying adversity and success this is your book!

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