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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the most contemporary forms of psychotherapy and counseling services aimed at addressing and meeting treatment plan goals while respecting our clients as partners, friends, and family.

We help individuals and families learn how to resolve anger and conflict, foster healthier relationships, and cultivating habits that produce success relationships with people and internal individual peace.

We specialize in helping boys and men learn how to address anger in their daily lives whether it is in school, marriage, the workplace, or any other aspect of their life. Our preferred method and psychotheraputic strategy is person centered counseling coupled with our ACT RIGHT 10 week anger management program developed by Gary K. Byrd, M.Ed., MAC, CCS, CGS, ABCMCP. 

Ages 13-65

  • Oppositional Defiance Disorder (kids just wont' do right)

  • ADHD (my baby acts like he/she can't stay still or focus)

  • Grief/Loss (death of a relative, close friend, or becoming an empty nester.)

  • Childhood Obesity (eating disorders, clueless about what activities/sports would be best for my child.)

  • Depression (is my child normal or sad? Am I causing my child to be sad or depressed?

  • Anxiety (one word...teenagers! I'm struggling with this puberty thing or how to talk to my hypersexual teen).

  • Life Transition (my child isn't a kid anymore...but a teenager...or soon to be high school graduate and I'm struggling with letting go.)

  • Stress-management (I work, I'm a parent, I'm a spouse...and I can't find a break. My life is out of control!)

  • Academic & Career Counseling (I've been a homemaker my entire adult life. I need to switch jobs or industry because my job is being phased out. I don't know how to get my teenager ready for college or the next grade. What's an I.E.P. and how can I make it work to help my child!?)

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder--PTSD (My child has experienced something I don't know how to handle as their parent causing them to experience: night terrors, sadness, anger, rebellion, and/or intense fear of people, places, or things. I myself need a little support and peace of mind knowing my child is going to be ok.)

  • Substance Abuse & Addiction--

Support a cause that is supporting the people we love. I race and compete for mental health awareness. 10% of all proceeds support our sister non-profit

Purchase a T-shirt for $10.00. TH support goes to our efforts bringing awareness to mental health and all those that suffer in silence.

Contact us to see what we can do for you!

Parenting & Adolescent Psychotherapy

This is the process of our psychotherapist (licensed professional counselors) working to service our clients in the form of psychoeducation (teaching the individuals and family members how to champion their mental health diagnosis), via art expression, sports training, music therapy, and social development. This process works in 3 to 6 months increments guided by treatment plans (clinical strategies based on evidenced based practiced).

Marriage & Family Counseling

The goal of our family and couples counseling is to meet you where you are and work to learn your challenges while developing solutions and answers that make logical and practical sense to achieve a better understand as how to achieve your collective goals, happiness, and if necessary dissolution. Fact: No ones family or romantic relationship is the same. The only real reality show is the one you live and work to understand and survive. With no judgment and with confidentiality we look forward to servicing you as our neighbors and patrons.

Anger Management and Trauma Recovery

Using proven and state certified curriculum's customized to our clients individual background, culture, and customs we address all forms of anger and traumatic experiences. This includes, domestic violence, court ordered anger management, post-traumatic stress disorders, and challenges dealing with stress and anxiety.

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