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Individual Counseling

These sessions are held in the Zoom setting and are available where ever internet is available. These sessions also provide a recorded copy of sessions for clients review. The ideal client would be any person with challenges with travel, health, or time.

These sessions are not the best for clients younger than 11 years old.

Family Counseling

I absolutely love this opportunity for parents and children, siblings, or any combination of family to connect regardless of where they are in the world and what challenges are present. All you need is internet and a mutual time.

Servicing clients this way during the pandemic of 2020 taught me how easily bridges can be built as it relates to repairing past trauma's and conflicts from the safety of clients safe space. Like the other modalities these sessions can be recorded and shared if desired.

Draw backs, it can be tough to engage in the normal hands on activities and exercises offered in traditional face to face sessions. 

Couples Counseling

Attending couples counseling virtually has been one of the best methods I've witnessed when you have partners that have scheduling challenges. What has stood out the most to me while facilitating virtual couples counseling has been the intimacy easily achievable in large part because couples can engage from an enviornment that isn't foreign to them.

Draw backs, privacy can be a challenge because normally coupleas are at their own home and may have little snoopers (kids) battling for their attention.

These sesssions are also recordable and can be used to study everyone's progression.

Support Groups

As most would have already guests. Meeting for groups online has been a new norm in 2020 but to its credit has been and will continue to be a great way to attend groups and interact when travel, health, or time is a challenge. I will always advocate that in-person is better as I'm more a traditional clinician, however, virtual group sessions are really good at allowing attende's to learn in a safe space if they have challenges with social anxiety.

Drawbacks, there is nothing that can replace feeling another persons spirit and from time to time a hug. There is something to say about being in the comfort of people that are of like mind or spirit, especially when you are battling loniness. 

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