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We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Mr. Leo up close

My inspiration and motivation to do what I do comes from the little town I was raised in in Southwest Florida by the name of Immokalee. With a population of less than 5000 people and heavily populated by immigrant migrant workers I witnessed and encountered a unique blend of cultures and work ethics. In addition, being raised by a hard working single mother and grandmother, it became evident to me at an early age that nobody just gives you anything in life. I witnessed my mother work 2 and 3 shifts daily for years as well as be mistreated by friends, family, and the church community, in addition to my grandmother working just as hard for years to help make ends meet. As I matured being the oldest of 8 children, I was naturally forced to grow up at an early age and do whatever it took to assist my parents in feeding our family and learned what it meant to lead by example in school, in life, and on the athletic fields.

By the grace of God, I fell in love with playing football and developed a love and curiosity for academia. Throughout my adolescent and teen years I was engulfed in extra-curricular activities allowing me to dismiss and overcome negative stereotypes which included being labeled as: another poor black kid, jock, troublemaker, a person with ADHD, and others. But with a strong sense of spirituality, sports, and a passion for education, I was able to break the chain of poverty and attain a full athletic scholarship to Indiana University and graduate on time. The rest is history...

…Present day I work feverishly to establish a counseling practice that works to serve as a light in the darkness for individuals regardless of their race, gender, socio-economic status, and culture that will teach and guide individuals to overcoming diagnosed and un-diagnosed mental health challenges as well as getting past rough spots through their personal and professional lives.

Speaking as a father of two beautiful sons, co-parent & partner to a remarkable woman, and son and brother to an awesome family I challenge you to step outside your box and embrace change welcome knowledge, love, and wisdom into your life.

Favorite Motto: "Get Busy Living."

Favorite Quote: "Be the change you want to see." Mhatni Ghandi

Leonard D. Bryant MBA LPC CAMS

Founder/Owner & Clinical Director.

State of Georgia Board Certified Counselor

Licensed Number: LPC 008490

Certified Anger Management Specialist


Choice Theory/Reality Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy

Strength Base Approaches

Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Person Centered Approaches

Evidenced Based Practices

Multicultural Therapy Techniques


Jessica Tillman M.Ed

I am originally from Houston, Texas. I received my bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Texas Southern University, and a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. 

I was raised in a two-parent household. I have two sisters and I am “the middle child”. I come from a very hard-working family. I witness my father work over 15 hour shifts in the hot Texas sun on the railroad. I also witness my mother work hard for Houston Independent School District. My parents been married for 36 years and counting, and they have always been my inspiration and motivation. My father taught me how to be independent and work hard, because nothing is given to you. 

My passion for wanting to work in the Helping Profession is when I was faced with major depression. Facing depression and trying to deal with everyday life became very hard. With the help from God and reminding myself he will not put more on me than I can bear help pull me out of that dark place. I have experience working with individuals from all age groups, mostly Adults. I am passionate about assisting individuals with getting back into a healthy state of mind. The individual is the expert of their own lives, and I am simply here to assist them with reaching their goals. 

Here is a reminder “We can’t fix what we don’t admit”. Greatness is already in you. We are in this together. Be GREAT!!!

Clyde Newton III B.S. _

Born in Southwest Florida. I was raised in a small rural diverse town named Immokalee “Indian for My Home”. A town where everybody knows everybody, and hard work is second to none. The common thing for young adolescences raised in that environment was to play sports or get into trouble. Growing up, I experienced childhood with kids from all different types of cultures and ethnicities.

I am the 7th sibling of 8 brothers and sisters, all of us raised in a poor single mother household. Being the youngest for most of my childhood, I got away with a lot. I also got the privilege of watching older my siblings grow up, choose career paths, make mistakes, and live their teenage years out. I pride myself on being one that pays attention to others and encompass a love of competition. My siblings created a blueprint for me modeled by the way they live their lives. That blueprint was: do good in school, play football, go to college, and set high standards in everything you do in life. Not only did I follow it. I challenged myself to be the best at it and still do till this day. My family is my motivation and Immokalee filled me with hardworking spirit and the grit that drives me.

Some accomplishments I take pride in are: earning a full ride scholarship to play football at Indiana University, graduating with a degree in criminal justice in four years, and being the best father I can be, towards my two children.

I see life as a challenge and I want to be the best at it. I want to help others understand that concept and learn how to adopt and work toward that mindset for themselves.

“It is you vs you every day. Give your all to be best you can. I’m here to help you along the way.” high school clips college linebacker clips All Big Ten Selection clip 

Here's what we've been working on

Mary Lampkins BS

Being a native of Atlanta, Georgia, my academic career began in the Atlanta Public Schools System. Shortly after graduating high school, I received an AS S degree in Education from Atlanta Metropolitan College (formerly Atlanta Jr. College), a BS degree in Counseling and Human Services from Point University (formerly Atlanta Christian College), and a Master's degree in Counseling from Grand Canyon University.

As a therapist with a Christian worldview, my passion for working with young ladies and women is derived from my personal need to learn, develop, apply, and teach life skill sets and life principles that would help me (and others) to navigate the rough terrains of life. I am the mother of two adult daughters, grandmother to three granddaughters, one teen and two adolescents. I also bring forty-five years of marital experience. Wellness begins in mind and in spirit. Wholeness begins with learning who you are and Whose you are! When you are ready for the journey, give me a call!

“A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.”  ~Lao Tzu~

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